4 reasons to pick dental implants over dentures

4 reasons to pick dental implants over dentures

When you have severe damage to a large portion of your teeth, there are basically two options to fix, or cover up the damage. You can either go with removable dentures or dental implants. If you’re having problems choosing, then we’re here to help.

1. Reduced chance of loss

This one is the most obvious when it comes to dental implants Toronto being better than dentures. The implants are meant to be as close to permanent as possible. There isn’t any kind of worry about them falling out or being left behind when you are in a hurry. Dentures are not cheap, if you lose a pair, you’re going to wish you had gone with dental implants in the first place. It’s hard to lose something built to always be with you.

2. Eat what you want

While the tech surrounding dentures is getting better in this day and age, there are still an awful lot of foods you need to watch out for when you are wearing a pair. Dental implants, on the other hand are meant to act as natural teeth. If they have been put in right, you can eat whatever you want as long as you take normal precautions. This means you aren’t going to want to chomp down on a jawbreaker but you can eat chewy or even hard candy if normal teeth can handle the wear and tear.

3. Upkeep is less

This is kind of a subset of the first two items on this list in a way. Dentures can need to have a special kind of cleanser work on them overnight in order to avoid them getting stains. Implants are supposed to look and work just like regular teeth. This means the “upkeep” for these is simply brushing and flossing as if they were the set of teeth you were born with.

4. Better sense of taste

If you have a full set of upper dentures, the slide that helps put them in is going to cover the roof of your mouth. This can mean that food is much harder to taste and enjoy. When you are talking about implants, there isn’t any kind of coverage attached. That means that you are able to eat food exactly like normal and you are able to get the full taste of things. Most people don’t realize how much the roof of the mouth helps with this until they aren’t able to take advantage.

While implants might be a bit more expensive in the short term, they are a much better payoff in the long run. If you have the option and the means, you should go with those implants.

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