5 Reasons an Individual Should Consider Dental Implants

5 Reasons an Individual Should Consider Dental Implants

When an individual is missing teeth, it can cause a wide range of problems. Not only is it embarrassing for most, missing teeth can also cause problems with speaking and chewing. Dental implants offer individuals benefits other prosthetics don’t offer, which is why it is a popular treatment. Here are 5 reasons an individual should consider dental implants.

1. Convenience

Partial dentures can limit the variety of food an individual can eat, and they require the use of special boding adhesives to keep them in place. Furthermore, it is time consuming to properly maintain partial dentures because they have to be cleaned often. A dental implant offers tooth function that is nearly identical to a natural tooth. The post, which will hold the prosthetic tooth in place, is permanently fused to the jaw bone. As a result, a dental implant will be cared for like a normal tooth.

2. Aesthetics

If an individual has a missing tooth, it can cause bone loss, which is known as resorption. This can lead to an indiviudal’s face looking collapsed when his or her mouth is closed. Dentures are not able to prevent bone loss, but a dental implant will stop resorption.

3. Comfort

Dental implants Toronto will look and feel like a natural teeth, so those with dental implants will be able to bite, chew, and speak as though they had their natural teeth. Dentures or partials can cause discomfort, which is especially true with biting and chewing. After the post has fused to the bone, and the prosthetic tooth is set, many people will forget it’s a prosthetic.

4. Independence

Dentures can cause more wear on adjacent teeth, and bridges require the anchor teeth to be filed down for the bridge to be cemented in place. Because anchor teeth must be filed down, it is a process that is irreversible. A dental implant will create a solid foundation with new and independent tooth roots that will prevent additional wear or weakening of adjacent teeth.

5. Durability

A dental implant is more durable than other prosthetics such as partial dentures or dental bridges. According to many dental professionals, the average life span of a dental bridge is 10 years. Furthermore, clinical studies found there is a 95% higher success rate for those with a dental implant, and it can last 20-50 years if properly maintained.

A dental implant is one of the best options for those who want a prosthetic tooth that is more stable than partial dentures or dental bridges. Although it takes about six months to complete the process, the wait is worth it for most people.

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