5 Ways to Take Care of Dental Implants

5 Ways to Take Care of Dental Implants

When an indiviudal has dental implants, it is vital that he or she take care of them so they will last. According to those in the dental industry, a dental implant can last up to 50 years when it’s properly maintained. Follow these 5 suggestions for taking proper care of a dental implant:

1. Stay Hydrated and Rinse Often

If an individual doesn’t practice proper oral hygiene, it can cause gum disease around the implant. To prevent the wide range of complications that can come from poor oral hygiene, an indiviudal should stay hydrated because water will help prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Furthermore, it is important to avoid sweet and sticky foods, but those who love sweets can indulge on occasion if they rinse immediately after eating.

2. Don’t Smoke

Most individuals are aware of the negative effects smoking can cause, and there is scientific evidence that has found smoking will increase the risk of dental implant failure. Smoking can cause complications during the implant process, such as affecting the success rate of a bone graft, which is necessary for a dental implant to be successful. Furthermore, smoking can lead to bone loss, and there must be a sufficient amount of bone to support the post.

3. Brush Implants Thoroughly

Aside from brushing natural teeth on a regular basis, implants should also be brushed and rinsed preferably after every meal. However, in order to keep teeth and implants in optimal shape, one must brush teeth and implants at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes. Although brushing implants seems insignificant because they are prosthetics, it is the best way to ensure implants will last for years.

4. Floss Every Day

To keep plaque and bacteria from accumulating on the surface of a dental implant, it is imperative to floss at least once a day. Flossing reaches where a toothbrush can’t, and it removes plaque and bacteria that can lead to gum disease. In order to keep your dental implant properly clean, floss daily to remove debris that forms between the teeth.

5. Seek Advise from a Dental Professional

A dental professional is able to determine the condition of a dental implant, and he or she is most likely to advise those with implants of any preventive measures that may extend the life of the implant. Individuals with dental implants should visit their dentist every six months for an examination and cleaning, which will prevent decay or disease around the implant.

Although dental implants Toronto are among the most popular prosthetic option because of the wide range of benefits they offer, they must be carefully cared for to keep them in great shape.

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