Missing or damaged teeth can be an embarrassment that not only causes embarrassment, but also hinders a person’s ability to chew and can hinder the digestive process. Dentures and partials were created to quell this inconvenience, but standard dentures can be troublesome at best. Patients had to endure a lengthy healing period and then adjust, as the sore gums molded to conform within the denture. Creams often became necessary in order to not only eat a meal, but have a conversation without ones teeth popping out at an inopportune moment.

Times have changed and Dental Implants Toronto offers state of the art Implant Retained Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures and Permanent Fixed, Non Removable Teeth. These wondrous inventions alleviate those long heal and adjustment times and absolves any need for denture creams. Eating, talking and smiling all can become comfortable and natural again just by implementing one of these state of the art procedures based on your individual needs.

Implant Retained Dentures
Individuals can now get Implant Retained Dentures as reliable replacements for the old fashioned removable prostheses that were once so common. The Implant Retained Dentures are uniqe in the fact they are formed from a custom acrylic framework which has been fabricated from the individuals own master model work. The framework is scanned and the information, along with ones individual implant platform are transmitted to a design or drafting station. This is where the one piece bar, aka framework is completed, which will be used to permanently set the Implant Retained Dentures. The end result is an incredible smile with an affordable implant solution.

Implant supported dentures
Another wonderful solution for those who are missing most their teeth, or have extensive, difficult to repair damage would be the Implant Supported Dentures. This newer technology is extremely helpful for individuals that become uncomfortable with something touching or covering their palate. The Implant Supported Denture design is much more comfortable, as there is much less material inside the mouth. The upper jaw tends to take around six to eight implants; however the lower jar only needs around four to five implants. This design is based on a metal frame that is actually screwed onto the implants themselves. Pink and white plastic are utilized to give the simulation of teeth and gums. This procedure needs occasionally maintained, and that work must be done with one who understands the bone fusion modifications.
Implant Supported Dentures provide the look and feel of real teeth and make an excellent choice for those seeking something more permanent.

Permanent, Fixed, Non Removal Teeth
Teeth should be permanent, even if their dentures. Permane, fixed, non removal teeth were first created in Europe in order to provide denture wearers with custom, comfortable teeth with which to chew food, smile at one another and enjoy life. A simple new process called “All on Four”, allows permanent implants to be added without hours of torturous surgery. The quick and easy operations provide the use with Permanent, non-removable teeth along with beautiful, predictable aesthetics, Permanent, non-removable teeth and Full and immediate functionality.
Regardless of your choice for permanent dental procedure, you won’t find a more polite or knowledgeable staff in the area.