Top Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Top Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the go-to tooth replacements because of their natural-like aspects. Dentists recommend them because they do not interfere with the structure of natural teeth. If you are seeking to replace any of your lost teeth, here are top 6 reasons why you should consider a dental implant.

1. They work just like natural, healthy teeth

Dental implants are strong and stable. Since the implant integrates into the jaw bone, it feels quite natural. Professional dentists measure the size of the gap to find an implant that fits comfortably in your gums. The alternatives to dental implants such as dentures and bridges, on the other hand, can cause bone deterioration. Such problems arise from using poorly fitting dentures. In the end, they interfere with your normal activities like eating, smiling, and speaking.

2. A dental implant restricts your teeth from shifting into space

When you lose a tooth, the ones on either side of the gap will move naturally into the space left behind. This may lead to other dental complications. For instance, you are likely to have unevenly spaced or crowded teeth. This makes it extremely difficult to maintain your dental hygiene. Besides that, the associated dental problems will prompt you to schedule for regular orthodontist appointments, which can get rather costly. Using a dental implant will ensure that other teeth do not drift away from their natural position. It ensures that the teeth are well spaced on the jawbone, making them easy to clean.

3. They are durable

Despite the fact that dental implants may require periodic adjustments, they are built to last a lifetime. The occasional adjustment of the crown or abutment sizes ensures that the implant fits perfectly even as your jaw and teeth expand. The contemporary tooth-supported dentures, on the other hand, can only last ten years if you maintain proper care. Dentures often require replacements through their lifetime. The costs for each checkup or replacement may pile up over time and become rather inconveniencing.

4. A dental implant allows you to lead a normal life

Since dental implants resemble natural teeth, you don’t have to restrict yourself when smiling for fear of exposing funny tooth replacements. Removable dentures, on the other hand, can get rather embarrassing particularly if you have to remove them when eating in public. In some cases, they may even fall off as you talk or laugh. A dental implant, however, is aesthetic and screwed permanently on your jaw bone to allow you lead a healthy life.

5. They maintain your facial appearance

When you stay with a gap in your jaws for long, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. That happens due to the lack of constant stimulation of the bone by the root of the teeth. In many occasions, deterioration of the jawbone causes the face to sag. Common symptoms of an unhealthy jawbone include thin lips and sunken cheeks. As a result, you are likely to appear older or different in an unattractive way. You can solve these problems by fitting a dental implant in gaps left by lost teeth. These replacements provide the necessary stimulation in your jaws to produce healthy jawbone material. Therefore, your face retains its supple and youthful appearance.

6. Insurance against development of cavities

Another significant advantage of a dental implant or an implant-restored crown is that it cannot develop cavities. However, you still have to maintain your regular dental hygiene and dentist routine as you would with your natural teeth.

Since a dental implant goes into the jawbone, the artificial crown attached to it acts and feels just like regular teeth. Dentist associations insist that you care for the implant just like you do with your normal teeth. You can consult with your dentist on the proper care for your implants.

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